CAA Mirco Roni Stabalizer G17 9mm

Hey guys and girls. Sorry for not updating this for a while, I have been busy with life ,( other hobbies, kids, you know the regular adult life. So back to the main subject. The Micro Roni. When I first saw this, I was like !holy crap this is the coolest thing ever!!!!!. Then I saw the price tag. $359 for a skeleton and nothing more, nothing less. Then one faithful night at work, while browsing slickguns.

Ok so if you haven’t heard about slick guns and your into this hobby you are missing out. I highly recommend it, if you have a smart phone they have an app for it. With this app you can see if anything firearm related are on sale.  Hence this is how I found that CAA was having the Roni for sale at $259 with free shipping.

So back to the main point of what the subject is. I placed the order for the wrong pistol (Glock 19) which I was able to cancel, and order the right one for the Glock 17.  When I received the package this thing came from Israel. Like the stamp had the Star of David. I was like holy shit, this thing came from across the globe. So I had a built Glock 17 that i was going to use for this when I realized that the slide groves were meant for the original slide.  There goes another 450 into this project for a 3rd gen G17 that I got at a local pawn shop. The pistol was in overall good shape. 70 buck for a new barrel and 20 bucks for the Strike Industries anti walk pins and it runs like new.

As far as recoil, its not that bad. To me it in the middle between my 22LR and 5.56.

So bottom line.

It was well worth it every penny of it. You essentially get two different platforms utilizing  one firearm. You can add any attachments you see fit. California sorry but with your legislation of Fire Arms you can’t have this.

As of right now you can buy 2 thats right 2 stabilizers and get one free.


Ok so the good.

  • Its light
  • Sturdy
  • Has rails on top and side’s near barrel
  • Has a trigger safety( a slide cover that moves up and down)
  • Has a dedicated flashlight port

And the bad

  • Its expensive
  • you need to have an original Glock slide
  • front diamond head sight does not fold down ( I dont know about Magpul. Once I get a set I will update.
  • CAA accessories are expensive.

Price list

-3rd Gen Glock 17 $450
– CAA Micro Roni Stabalizer $250
– Diamondhead Poly MBUS $69.99
– Cabela’s Micro Red Dot $139.00






The Unicorn of Freedom

Hey whats up!! How is everyone doing today? Hope everyone is doing great. Well I am about to show the world my work in progress. So you are probably scratching your head, asking what the hell is he talking about. Unicorn of Freedom, is this guy on crack. Well first of all I am not on crack and second of all this is the basis of my super hateful, snowflake triggering, bad ass pistol I have put together since I have been building fire arms.

First was the lower. When I saw this lower at my local gun shop I was like ” holy crap this is the coolest lower and a perfect start to my build. This is the Spike Tactical Snowflake lower. This gave me the idea to make an AR-pistol.

Then came the upper. I was browsing through Primary Arms looking for what to get then decided to get an Aero Precision stripped upper. Followed by Strike Industries forward assist with a KAK ejection port cover.

The original barrel on this build was an AR-stoner 7.5in 5.56, which midway had on sale for 39.99.( Dont buy this barrel. while they are cheap, my barrel crapped out after 500 rounds.) The barrel was upgraded to an SAA 8in barrel matted with a Strike Industries Cookie Cutter. Gas Block is also Aero Precision as well as the gas tube.

Hand rails are some Guntec Rails 7in, currently awaiting some new rails that would be upgraded soon to a set of Aero Quantom hand rails. ( Optics Planet said they will get it next week and then shipped out. I already got the barrel nut for it.

Current internals are Rock River Arms 2 stage trigger with Jp enterprise springs. SAA H3 buffer and Strike Industries flat wire buffer spring. Phase 5 pistol buffer tube. Magpul Grip. Radiant Technology Bolt Carrier and Raptor charging handle.  Optics is a Holosun red dot. Kak shockwave stabalizer brace.

So like all builds people are going to have issues. Ive gone through different buffer tubes, 2 barrels( soon 3, will be upgrading to a Ballasitic advantage 7.5in barrel.) 3 triggers 2 bolts and 2 optics

This is by far the funnest and coolest fire arm to shoot. All my friends have a blast shooting it. Some say you can feel it in your teeth.  I love this gun. Once I get the PDW pistol brace this build will be complete.

If you got any questions or want to say hi. Just comment below or hit the contact button and Ill gladly answer any questions or comments you guys have.

Price List-

  1. Spike Industries Snowflake Lower- 120
  2. RRA 2 stage Trigger-0
  3. Magpul SE grip- 20
  4. KAK Shock wave- 20
  5. KAK Ejection Port Cover-10
  6. S.I. Cookie Cutter-40
  7. S.I Forward assist- 20
  8. S.I Flat wire spring-20
  9. S.I Extended Bolt release-30
  10. Ebay take down pins-6.95
  11. JP Enterprise 3Lb Springs -10
  12. Radian Rapter Charging Handle -44
  13. Radian BCG-134
  14. Holosun Red Dot- 127.50
  15. Aero Precison Strippes Upper – 56
  16. Aero Precision Barrel Nut-31
  17. Aero Precision Quantom Hand Rail- 48
  18. Aero Precision Gas Block- 29
  19. Aero Precision gas tube-15
  20. Timber Creek extended Mag Release -16



The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! This blog is about product testing of parts currently on my AR-15 style rifles as well as my pistols.  Each build will have its own page and my current thoughts and struggles with each one. Each build will have an exact part list of what is in those rifles as well as cost. With pistols they will be in their own section and what ammo and round count through them as well as any issues I found. These are just my opinion and I am not being paid by these company to say good things about them. I will be putting one of my rifles through a more stringent test than the others.

If it’s not broken don’t fix it.